Baby Bump!

Big sister giving little sister a belly kiss during maternity photo session

Belly Kiss

I recently completed a maternity session for a great couple. Having worked with the couple previously on their long anticipated (and ten years late) wedding portraits I knew we were in for a great session! They made it a family affair and included their older daughter in nearly all the portraits, her first “big sister” pictures.

Maternity photo with big sister at park in New Hampshire

Family maternity photo at park

We started off the day at Amey Brook Park in Henniker and then moved on to Gleason Falls in Hillsboro. Both locations serve as wonderful backgrounds for any portrait session and I was especially impressed by mom’s willingness to walk down to Gleason Falls in heels!

Maternity portrait with Mom & Dad holding belly

Love for the baby bump

Maternity photo with family at stone bridge and waterfall

Gleason Falls Maternity Session

It’s a brief rocky moss covered downhill walk for those of you unfamiliar, but well worth the historic stone arch bridge that transverses the falls. All in all a great session. It’s always an honor to help introduce a new baby to world, can’t wait to meet her!

Maternity portrait at Amey Brook Park overlooking Pat's Peak in Henniker

Maternity session at Amey Brook Park


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