Senior Portraits Outdoors in New Hampshire


Lakeside senior portrait on a dock with mountain views

Taken lakeside at families camp in New Hampshire

Senior portrait session in Antrim with wooden bridge

Senior portrait taken with wooden bridge

The time is almost upon you, graduation! It has long been a tradition to commemorate this accomplishment with a senior portrait. After this everything changes. While most students don’t yet understand the significance of this milestone, parents looking back certainly do. It is the true end of childhood. For many this means leaving family and friends to start college. For others it’s time to start careers. Either way it is the true start of adulthood.

A senior portrait is a way not only to commemorate this milestone, but also a way to mark the beginning of everything else. These portraits sessions, traditionally, are taken in a studio setting were you get a pick of backgrounds just like everybody else. More recently, these portraits have become more elaborate, and in my opinion more personalized. Clothing choices have taken a turn from formal to more casual, and often include small touches that show off each students personal style.


Taken with her favorite sneakers at families’ camp

This is something I find intriguing about the modern senior portrait and important. If the idea is to commemorate our youth then the portrait should show who we are at this time. Including places or things that are important to us now, remind our future adult of the joys and freedoms of youth.

Senior portrait with brick wall and distressed door in Hillsboro New Hampshire

Taken on main street



The majority of seniors I photograph choose to have the sessions outdoors. Here in New England, in the fall, that seems like a no brainer, but I encourage students to choose locations that are important to them. Things they enjoy, places they spend time, locations that embody their youth.




Senior Portrait in B&W with guitar at gleason falls in New Hampshire

Taken at Gleason Falls in New Hampshire

Call or e-mail for details on booking a session. or 60-428-8000.

Don’t let this milestone sneak by without a way to remember it.



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