Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

One of my favorite weddings to photograph did not take place on a beautiful June afternoon, with the sky clear and the weather warm, it took place during a blizzard. Winter weddings are fast becoming a trend. Brides decked out with faux fur stoles stepping down from horse drawn sleds being the image that comes to mind for most when they think “winter wedding”. The bride and groom shared a love for winter sports and decided on the perfect venue for them, Pat’s Peak, a ski and snowboard resort in the Monadnock Region of NH.  What most bride’s would consider a disaster this bride embraced, a blizzard was forecast for the night of the wedding, but the bride and groom had planned wisely. Most guests were staying at nearby lodgings in Henniker and didn’t have far to travel. The wedding commenced as planned and I have never seen a bride happier about a snow storm. I shared her enthusiasm knowing what a rare treat is was to be able to photograph a wedding in the snow. The ceremony itself took place inside the lodge, but every opportunity was taken to play in the snow. Everyone in the bridal party were good sports, braving the cold for the loving couple, to capture some beautiful moments during the storm. Check out some of the great images taken during this unique winter wedding!




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  1. Wow beautiful photo! Love the way you captured the bride looking at the groom. Looks like a wonderful event.

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